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Complete Home Inspections

New York, and Pennsylvania, excluding Philadelphia including roof, basement, heating, A/C, electricity, hot water, air leaks through windows and more. I don’t work from a “list”.

I EXCLUDE Nothing. If it’s there, I will inspect it and tell you what condition it’s in.

Foundation Inspections

Sb-inspections have the training and experience to inspect all types of foundations and provide you with with a confident and accurate report of the foundation.

Interior Inspections
Sb-inspections checks the entire interior of your home, including windows, doors, floors, walls, accessibility, temperature differences, lighting, sufficient outlets, and any water leakage.
Plumbing Inspections

SB Inspections checks the water pressure, volume, and water flow, and look for any leaks or impending leaks.

Exterior Inspections

Sb-inspections checks the entire exterior of your home, including siding, windows, doors, roof, and chimney.

Structural Inspection
SB-Inspections will check your basement for water leakage, cracks, condition of floor, ease of access and egress, and condition of any appliances (furnace, water heater, electric circuit breaker box, water shut off valve).

Commercial Property Inspections

Any size: All of what is included in Home Inspections,

PLUS: Inspect for the presence of required SAFETY equipment such as emergency lighting, exterior doors open OUTWARD, fire detection and prevention (if any) equipment, adequate lighting, All life safety issues, including emergency lighting units in bathrooms, basements.

HVAC Equipment & Electrical Panel Evaluations

Adequate and safe electrical and heating/air conditioning equipment.
Electrical Inspections
Our electrical inspections ensure that your electrical equipment, from the meter to the circuit breaker box, to the outlets in your kitchen, and the rest of your home is safe, and function properly.
Energy Audits

Heating / Cooling bills too high, some rooms too hot, or too cold, drafts, other comfort issues?

We will evaluate the entire heating/air condition system for your home including adequate supply of air to each room, and temperature control.

Energy efficiency will also be evaluated.

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Very courteous and professional. Explained all procedures



They were excellent.



Very kind and courteous. When Ira knew that he would be slightly late, he called me to let me know way in advance. This kind of attention is rare in NYC! Very professional and informative.



Full Home Inspections

Commercial Inspections

HVAC/Electrical Inspections

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